Fly Fishing Yellowstone Park: 50 Best Places

Fly Fishing Yellowstone Park: An Insider's Guide to 50 Best PlacesA great new book by Nate Schweber, just released in August 2012. This book provides the most up-to-date information about dozens of park fisheries, also the latest tips, techniques, fly patterns, best times and best hatches.In this fantastic Yellowstone Park fishing resource book, Nate Schweber outlines 50 of the park's gems, some backcountry spots, some easy to get to, some teeming with fish, and some you really have to work for. Schweber explores the park's fabled Firehole and Madison Rivers, but also its lesser known and least accessible waters, like the Southeast Arm of Yellowstone Lake and its feeder streams, which still hold rare, giant Yellowstone cutthroat trout. Each chapter has stories and tips from a stunning array of Yellowstone Park veterans in the know.Softcover, 288 pages.